Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy: All information you give us is confidential. We share information only when it is necessary to contract with another company to provide service. We do not sell lists or allow other companies to solicit you. WE WILL NEVER GIVE OUT CUSTOMER INFORMATION WITHOUT THE CUSTOMER'S EXPRESS CONSENT.

Cancellation Policy
2.In the US:
  An Early Morning Trip with a pickup time before 9 a.m. is usually dispatched by 9 p.m. the preceding day. All other trips are usually dispatched 2 to 4 hours prior to pickup time.

Outside the US: All trips are dispatched 48 hours prior to the pick up time.
A. RESCHEDULING OF AIRPORT SERVICE is possible at no extra charge, as long as rescheduling is requested before the driver is dispatched (see Standard Dispatch Procedure above).B. CANCELLATION OF AIRPORT SERVICE:THE FULL FARE will be charged for cancellations in the two following cases:

I.  Cancellations after the driver has already been dispatched (see Standard Dispatch Procedure above)

II. If the passenger fails to be at the designated pickup location (no-show). If for any reason you cannot locate your chauffeur, call Luxury Limousines of Lafayette at 337-565-4385. To avoid being billed as a no-show, You must contact us by phone.

$15 Administrative charge for service at LFT airport will apply if cancellation is requested before the driver has been dispatched (see Dispatch Procedure above).

$30 Administrative charge for service at all other airports will apply if cancellation is requested before the driver has been dispatched (see Dispatch Procedure above).
C. CANCELLATION OF CHARTERED SERVICE:A minimum of 72 hour notice is required for cancellation of all charter arrangements (e.g. weddings, wine tours, point-to-point reservations) to avoid the charge of the full fare plus 20% service charge.  A non-refundable 20% deposit is taken on all charters.Proms: All prom reservations are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.  The full fare will be charged even if the service is not completed at the request of the passenger.
PLEASE NOTE: Luxury Limo's of Lafayette is not responsible for service delayed or not rendered due to Mother Nature or to circumstances beyond our control.  Luxury Limo's of Lafayette does not guarantee vehicle availability or pricing for reservation changes. All prices are subject to change without notice!!!

Terms and Conditions
3. Terms and Conditions:The individual responsible for payment ("Customer") understands and agrees that all charges are assessed by Luxury Limo's of Lafayette. All unpaid deposits and balances are authorized by Customer, with either verbal or signed acceptance of services. Payment is due at the time passenger is dropped off. If for any reason full payment is not made at this time, a late charge of two percent per month will be assessed. If this agreement is referred to an attorney and/or collection agency, Customer agrees to pay all attorney and/or collection fees. If any breakdown occurs, Customer will be refunded the portion of the travel charges that relate solely to the time the vehicle is inoperable.  Luxury Limo's of Lafayette reserves the right to substitute one vehicle for another vehicle providing it is the same or larger size vehicle. All limousines are strictly nonsmoking.

 Luxury Limo's of Lafayette will not be responsible for delays due to traffic conditions, accidents, or any other unforeseeable act of God; any resulting lost time will be made up at the end of the scheduled charter. Any downsizing of previously reserved duration of service or vehicle size will not relieve Customer from the responsibility of paying the full amount of the originally scheduled charter. The consumption of alcoholic beverages by passengers under 21 years of age is prohibited.The individual responsible for payment ("Customer") and all passengers in Customer's party are expected to conduct themselves in a manner not injurious to themselves, to third parties, or to the hired limousine.

There is no smoking in any Luxury Limo's of Lafayette vehicle. Any passenger found smoking in the vehicle will be asked to extinguish the cigar/cigarette, and Customer will be subject to a $100 charge for each incident. In the event of any physical damage to the limousine caused by Customer or any passenger, there will be a minimum additional charge of $300.00 for the repair and/or cleaning of the limousine. This includes anyone getting sick in the limousine. Decision as to the unusual use or wear of the vehicle rests with Luxury Limo's of Lafayette solely, and its experience as to the general use of hired limousines. Customer is fully responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any part of the vehicle harmed by any passenger.

Emerging from the sun roof while the vehicle is in operation is prohibited. If passengers are minors, the sun roof will remain locked closed, the dividers will remain locked open, and a phone number of a parent of one of the passengers must be given to the driver prior to the ride.
If at any time the service is terminated due to unruly conduct, damages to the vehicle, or abuse of any kind that Airport Commuter deems valid, no refund of money will be made. Airport Commuter reserves the right to refuse service as it deems appropriate.All charters require our service to be signed beforehand. Our drivers carry copies of the agreement, or we can email it, sign it, and give it to your driver at the beginning of your service.

4. Limitations of Liability Luxury Limo's of Lafayette is not responsible for:

  • Loss or damage to luggage worth more than $250, including contents.
  • Carry-on items that may be damaged in transit.
  • Cash, jewelry and computers.
  • Items left in vehicles.
In no event shall  Luxury Limo's of Lafayette or any of its affiliates, or any of their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, information providers or licencors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or other damages (regardless of the form of action) arising out of (i) use of the service by any person, including but not limited to any damage caused by any reliance on, or any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions in, any information and content accessed over the service, (ii) any use or inability to use the service for whatever reason, including but not limited to communications failure or any other failure with transmission or delivery of any information accessed through the service, or (iii) any goods or services discussed,  purchased or obtained, directly or indirectly, through the service, in each case even if advised of the possibility of such damages. 

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